Sports Champions 2 Should Help Knock the Dust Off Those Move Controllers

There goes Sony again, blowing its massive announcements the week before E3. Sports Champions 2 is coming this fall, new that no doubt have several PlayStation 3 owners wondering where they put that Move controller. to celebrate, Sony rolls out a non-traditional gamer glamour reel.

Look at those people having fun with a video game system! Those are not people that would have normally been having fun with a video game system, yet here they are, having fun with a video game system. I especially enjoy the use of computer graphics to illustrate that these people are being completely immersed in these sporting events. Aw, she thinks she's skiing!

The game actually looks very pretty, and recent developments have me craving more quality Move content (more on that in a bit), so I welcome a new Sports Champions, especially now that they've done away with three-point Move calibration. Thanks goodness.


Sports Champions 2 Picks Up PlayStation Move This Fall [PlayStation Blog]

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Jonathan Ponikvar

Actually, the game that had me scrambling to find my Move controllers and give them a thorough dust-busting was Sorcery. And y'know, I'm not ashamed to admit that game is a pretty fun time. Plus at least now I know where the controllers are for when this one comes out.

I'm glad to see the Move getting somewhat of an actual acknowledgement of its existence by Sony. It's really not that bad of a device, all things considered.