Spore's Sporepedia Goes Live

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Care to take a gander at the breadth and depth of Spore's creature creator? Then direct thy internet compass northward to the official Spore web site, with a freshly populated "Sporepedia" that's growing by the minute. The Spore monster manual has more variety than one could shake a stick at, with creatures that are fuzzy, tentacled, even ones that look like walking Bosch pears. Already, more than a gross of man-made beasts have been uploaded.


We're just a week away from the Spore Creature Creator going public, meaning it wouldn't hurt to brush up on the SimEverything bestiary before you get your mouse pointer on it.


Sporepedia [Spore.com]

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@hotcoffeeburns: WOOT! *hugs the specs* Awesome. Uh... now I have no clue if my cheapo video card has Pixel 2.0 shaders or not. But at the very least, I can use it till I get my new system later this year.