Spore Penis Monsters Impress Will Wright

So how does a legendary game designer react when his creation is used to manufacturer forms of life that resemble sexual organs and even dual-bodied creatures forever locked in the act of mating? Outrage? Horror? Not Will Wright. Color him impressed.

"When you give players creative control, you have to expect they're going to do the unexpected," the prolific video game designer said. "Some of it's really good for what they were shooting for. It's amazingly explicit, especially when those creations are animated. We just have to make sure those people aren't messing up the experience for others."


This is from a post on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website, which aims to educate readers about the game, but not before touching on simulated genitalia first. See? The mainstream press isn't all that different from video game bloggers after all! 'Spore' designer spills on explicit creatures [SeattlePI.com]

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