Spore Loosens Up, Allows Multiple Account Registrations

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And EA's DRM back-tracking continues! First it was the number of times you could install Spore, now they've announced that they're loosening the ridiculous restrictions on the number of Spore accounts you could have on a single PC. Initially this was restricted to a single account, meaning families/friends/loved ones would have to share the same account. This has now been changed. While each installation can still only have one online account, each of those now has five "screen name accounts", which you can log in to every time you boot the game up. One for you, one for the missus, one for little Susie, etc etc. Answering your feedback about Spore Online Accounts [EA]


ok, hold the fuck on, how have i been able to have 3 accounts running on my computer since launch then? i only have one copy of spore, and each windows profile has one account. so my brother and, as a test, my mother both have one thats entirely seperate from mine. do most people not have seperate profiles for their family members?