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Spore Galactic Adventures Attacks The Mothership

Illustration for article titled Spore Galactic Adventures Attacks The Mothership

EA only has a week and a half left to convince you that the Spore Galactic Adventures add-on is worth your time and money. Let's see if this trailer helps!


I can't help but think Ratchet and Clank as I watch this trailer for Mothership Down, one of the Maxis-created adventures included with Spore Galactic Adventures, which will be available on June 23rd in the states. The weapons can't possibly be as cool and inventive, and there is no way the humor will even come close, but there's just something about the look of what I've seen so far that has me thinking of Insomniac's dynamic duo.

So, show of hands - who is picking this up?

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Agree, the game loses all concept of fun in Spacefaring mode.

I'm not buying any more Spore expansions/add-ons/etc. because I am disappointed in the core game. It left a bad taste in my mouth.