Splinter Cell Conviction Has "Evolved"

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So Ubisoft held a big press day last week, and showed off everything the company had up their sleeve, good and bad. Oh, sorry, almost everything. They didn't show Splinter Cell Conviction, which got people talking. Got people worried the game mightn't be in the best of health. Especially since Ubisoft would only say they were "not ready to be more specific" about the title. But it's (probably) OK! The development team have since posted on the game's official boards, saying :

There are lots of rumours flying around right now about Conviction's development status and we can tell you that the gameplay has evolved, similar to what happens in every game's development process, and you won't be disappointed.


Critics should note they mention the evolution of Sam Fisher's gameplay, not his hairstyle.

A letter from the devteam [Splinter Cell Conviction, via CVG]


Darth Tigris

I'm still holding to my optimistic theory that the game is being saved for Microsoft's E3 presentation, as it is an important 360 exclusive. That does fit into this statement:

"Unfortunately we're not able to make Ubidays this year but in the forthcoming months we'll be back in touch to begin showing you this new installment of the Splinter Cell series."