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Splinter Cell: Conviction Finally Has A Release Date

Illustration for article titled Splinter Cell: Conviction Finally Has A Release Date

For a game that's been delayed more times than we dare to recount, it's nice to see Ubisoft has a sense of humour about Splinter Cell: Conviction, announcing today that a new release date has been set in stone. Literally.


There's your new, final release date for the game, as sent to IGN's offices: April 13, 2010. For a game that was first announced back in 2006, it's hard to believe we're actually on the cusp of playing the thing, but hey, that date is set in stone after all.


Kinda wish they'd just painted the date all over the side of Ubisoft HQ, though...

Ubisoft Dates Splinter Cell: Conviction (Again) [IGN]

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I thought those look-into-the-future balls were supposed to be made of wood.