Wooooow. So that’s how it is, huh?

Splatfest—the event where Splatoon asks players to pick between two sides and duke it out against one another—is happening this weekend, and some of the trash talking I’ve seen in the Miiverse plaza is FIERCE, as evidenced by this screenshot taken by Brittany Rolstad‎. It’s kind of unsettling for a Nintendo game, in a hilarious way. Honestly, I haven’t seen people get this riled up about a Splatfest since maybe the first one, Cats vs Dogs. Kind of makes sense, given that people already have strong opinions about art and science.

I mean, look at this comic by gitgudnami.

It’s potshots galore right now in Splatoon, for real.

I’ll say one thing. I have not picked sides yet, but I do know that people keep making fun of Team Science for embarrassing spelling errors.


I’m not trying to be mean; even Team Science acknowledges it:


It’s all in good fun though. That’s the beauty of Splatoon. Even when we’re tearing each other apart, we still come through when it matters most: makin’ a giant fuckin’ mess on the battlefield. Together.

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