The Spider-Man license won't go to waste at Activision just because Spider-Man 4 isn't coming to movie theaters next year. There will be more Spider-Man games, including one known as Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

The latest issue of GamePro magazine makes mention of the still-unannounced Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, divulging no other details on the latest Marvel game. I mean, all we have right now is a JPEG of the mag's next cover.

While Activision may have taken the scythe at many of its development studios recently, slashing jobs and projects, this particular Spider-Man game may the still ongoing project at Prototype developer Radical Entertainment. You know, the Canadian guys and gals also responsible for that other Marvel game, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. They know open world action games, and with previous Spider-Man game devs, like Shaba, axed by Activision, someone's gotta do it.

Keep an eye peeled, true believe. We're sure to find out more about Spidey's next adventure any second now.