Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Goes Snikt!

In order, these are the thoughts that went through my mind upon viewing the Comic-Con trailer for Activision's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. "Hmmm. Neat. Huh. Interesting. Oooooo. Cool! Woot, Wolverine! That's not good." Fighting alongside Logan is a good thing. Fighting against him, not so much. Fighting against a berserk, alien-infected Wolverine? In the comics world that would be at least a two-part story, perhaps even three if they decided to stretch it out a bit. Between this trailer and McWhertor's impressions of the game so far, color me intrigued. Perhaps Web of Shadows will turn out to be the game we initially thought Friend or Foe was going to be before they went all kiddie on us.


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