Spider-Man Remastered's Terrible-Looking Boat NPCs Now Hide A Fun Easter Egg

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Screenshot: Insomniac / Marvel / Kotaku

Spider-Man: Remastered on PS5 contains an easter egg connected to scary-looking boat passenger NPCs seen in the original PS4 game.


Spider-Man on PS4 was a gorgeous game, but if you dared to get your suit wet, you could swim out and see something not gorgeous. The people riding around in the boats were hideous monsters of stretched textures and blocky polygons. As reported by IGN, the developers at Insomniac have not only left these monsters in the recently released PS5 remaster, but stuck on their shirts is a small sticky note that says “Did you miss us?”

Screenshot: Insomniac / Marvel / Kotaku

No. Not really.

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As each new generation arrives it always astounds me how some graphical limitations seem ever present, impossible to overcome no matter ho much more powerful the hardware becomes.

One of the biggest examples is how absurdly good modern games can look, but have all the immersion of shiny 4k textures be absolutely ruined by outfits with no clothing physics and clipping through itself and the character’s body.

A recent case in mind: AC Valhalla. Every single video I’ve seen of the game makes me wow at the graphics, but vomit when the character moves and I see the numerous flaps and capes and other adornments that should have their own physics moving in reaction to the character’s own. Instead they are superglued to whatever limb is nearest, bending and stretching in cartoonish, grotesque ways.

Do clothing physics really take so much power that no modern machine can handle it during gameplay? Is clipping such a power black hole that it cannot be done away with even as an option for the most powerful gpus available?

Why are we so enamored with 4ks and 8ks, raytracing and whatnot, when none of that matters when your cool looking cape is stitched into the back of your legs, your hair goes through your hoodie, and your shirt is glued to your skin?