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Spider-Man: Edge of Time Talks Me Into Enjoying It

What defines Spider-Man? Is it his special powers? His great responsibilities? His Jenga prowess? No, true believers. Spider-Man's most definitive trait is his witty banter, and double the Spider-Man means double the snappy patter right? Thank goodness Edge of Time had Peter David.


When I heard Peter David was attached to write the story and dialog for Spider-Man: Edge of Time, I was ecstatic. I've been following the man's work for years, reading his Star Trek novels, his X-Factor comic book runs, and even his own original work (I've got a copy of Howling Mad right here).


I enjoy his stories well enough, but the main draw for me is the way he handles dialog. It's sharp, witty, and self-referential. He's not afraid to let established characters roam outside of their established boundaries. Some fans hate this. Others adore it. I'm firmly in the latter camp.

So how'd Mr. David do with Spider-Man: Edge of Time? See for yourself. I tried to keep any spoilers to a minimum, though that meant omitting some of the very best lines. You'd have to be a pretty big Peter David fan to buy the game for the writing alone, but you wouldn't be disappointed if you did.

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I had no idea there was so much humor in this game. This goes from a pass to a rent. The game itself might be complete crap, but like Psychonauts, good humor can help me get over gameplay flaws.