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Spider-Man Deserves Better, Yo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

God of War designer David Jaffe is sad. Sad and angry. He is a Marvel fan — no, he is a "Marvel fan for life". And as such, he knows one thing: Spider-Man deserves way better. In a recent blog post, he writes an open letter to "The People Who Make Marvel Comics Video Games", stating:

Please stop putting Spiderman games in big open sandbox environments where you swing around and do oh so slight variations on 4 pretty dull mission types (chase/race/collect/etc) and then once in a while toss in a boss fight and/or a somewhat unique mission.

I LOVE Marvel Comics and I LOVE the promise of games based on Marvel Comics. But why can't you guys make a game that feels like a comic? I don't mean art style wise; I don't mean like Comix Zone with panels and cliche stuff like that. I mean feels like a comic in a story based, narrative way: a game that shows off the OTHER aspect that makes Marvel Comics so special: The characters/story. It's not JUST about the powers, you know. But your games are always ONLY about the powers.

Won't somebody be kind enough to let David Jaffe make a Marvel game? Just listen to that passion! Our Spidey Sense tells us he's got a great Marvel game in him.

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