Spend Two Days With Uwe Boll In LA This Week

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Whether you are morbidly curious or just a glutton for punishment, there's no finer place to be in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Thursday than the Uwe Boll Film Festival at the Downtown Independent.

The two day long festival will feature a wide variety of famed video game movie director Uwe Boll's greatest hits, culminating in the world premier of Boll's Far Cry movie, with a pre-showing Q&A session with the man himself. Not only will you get to see his video game fare in the form of In the Name of the King and Alone in the Dark, you'll also get a look at his revenge pictures Seed and Heart of America. As if this wasn't enough motivation, the Downtown Independent will also be premiering Uwe Boll's Tunnel Rats on Friday - soon to be a majorly bad video game!

Hit the link for the full details. We'd attend ourselves, but we have about 20,000 other things we have to get done on our Things to Do list before we hit "Attend Uwe Boll Film Festival".

Uwe Boll Film Festival [Downtown Independent - Thanks John]

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I'm going.