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Speedrunners Are Demolishing Celeste's Difficult New Chapter

Illustration for article titled Speedrunners Are Demolishing iCeleste/is Difficult New Chapter

Celeste’s recently added epilogue, Farewell, is an extremely difficult but charming send-off to a fantastic game. A normal playthrough takes anywhere from four to five hours and is immensely challenging. Skilled speedrunners are completing it in less than 20 minutes.


Farewell adds tons of new mechanics to Celeste and even teaches players some advanced techniques that speedrunners and hardcore players use. You need to use jellyfish to sail around obstacles, hit exploding pufferfish at just the right angles to blast across levels, and pull off special jumps to progress. It’s one of the most challenging DLCs you can find, but there are plenty of ways to blaze through it, and speedrunners are doing just that.

Runners like the main game world-record holder TGH have reduced Farewell’s playtime to a fraction of what it takes to play casually. Watching speedruns of Farewell might be one of the most mind-blowing things you can do, as some creative pathfinding cuts through difficult rooms like nothing. One of the most impressive skips comes early in the run. Normally, players are required to explore a large room and find numerous keys hidden at the end of special challenge segments. Using a jellyfish from a previous screen, it’s possible to toss the critter upwards and smash into it with two mid-air dashes. This gives enough height to head right to the segment’s exit.

If you want to know how fast the current version of a perfect performance takes, there’s a tool-assisted speedrun that uses special programs to allow tricks that are too risky for runners. That run takes a little over 12 minutes. Whether it’s a human-played run or TAS, Farewell speedruns are truly something else, and I highly recommend watching at least one.

Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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It’s not charming at all, and it definitely cannot be played casually! It’s for speedrunners and trophy hunters all right, but it feels like a cruel joke on everyone else to make it a story epilogue.