Speed Up Your PlayStation 3 With The Power Of SSD

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You too can enjoy blazing (read: marginally improved) load times and install times on your PlayStation 3, thanks to its easily swapped out hard drive and the speedy read times of solid state media. ExtremeTech tested the results of dropping standard hard drives with spinning magnetic plates for an Intel X-25 solid state drive. The results will astound you. Scratch that. Potentially paying $600 for such an upgrade will astound you. While load times are generally improved, the extra five seconds you'll save during Grand Theft Auto IV loads might not make it very cost efficient. ExtremeTech's findings show much better start times, though, up to 40%, something that may make it worth it in your eyes. Your crazy, crazy eyes. How to Speed Up the Playstation 3 [ExtremeTech]


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I've known and thought about this for a while now. Anything that takes those 2.5-inch drives can also use SSDs.

The main issue here is price, though. SSD technology has the potential to be substantially faster than HDDs, but has only begun to scratch the surface of that speed. It's because of this lacking development and massive prices, that I'll be staying away from SSDs for at least another few years. SSD's also consume much less energy than conventional HDDs, but they're still not worth the massive price.


They have 160GB SSDs out there for about the same price as the one in the above article, actually. Still not worth it, in my opinion, but they're still there (along with 320GB ones that are over one thousand dollars...)