Speechifyin' Euro Gamers Can Get Into MAG Trailer

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has put out a call for battlefield speeches written by gamers, saying the best will be professionally recorded for use in an upcoming Massive Action Game trailer.


Here are the catches: Looks like this is restricted to PSN account holders in Europe. Update: Specifically, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

No going over 30 words. Also, they say "we Google, too," so don't steal lines or rhetorical devices from history. SCEE also advices that "MAG is all about multiplayer combat on an unprecedented scale, so think big." And that references to the three private military corporations in this game - Raven, Valor and S.V.E.R. - will probably assist your entry. They offer a link where you can study up.

Also, keep it clean. No cussin'. And the speech has to be in English. You don't have to record it, just write it out. They'll pick about 10 winners, who will receive "a fantastic MAG prize that we'll be announcing soon."

I've never seen combat, but what makes a bona fide battlefield speech memorable is probably more history than word choice. So if you're entering, try to think more about the story this game's presenting than actual tactics.

Write an Inspirational Battlefield Speech and Appear in the New MAG Trailer [PlayStation.Blog.Europe via Play.tm]



Europeans writing about war, hmmm, something along the lines of "I'm sure the Americans will arrive soon with their bombers and tanks, Nigel, cheer up, old sport, we shan't be speaking Hun after all."