It also weighs over a thousand tons, which is a bit a problem if you want to get your spaceship into orbit.

Indeed, for avaslash, the one who put together this fine-looking vessel in Kerbal Space Program, the biggest problem wasn't building it. It was getting it to fly.

In the beginning, avaslash was only looking to build a model. And so he did.

Avaslash then started wondering if the build was spaceworthy. The cruiser was upgraded, but even then, it couldn't leave the planet.


Build after build went into flames as they crashed into the ground.


Finally, avaslash tested the final, most perfect prototype.

Luckily, it didn't explode immediately. In fact, it managed to gain quite the altitude.


Finally, after two days of work, the space cruiser reaches outer space.


And there was much rejoicing.


For the full story of the UKN Obelisk, take a look at avaslash's full album here.

UKN Obelisk Battle Cruiser [imgur, via reddit]

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