Spec Ops' Multiplayer Developer Defends Mode Called 'Cancerous' by the Game's Designer

Illustration for article titled Spec Ops' Multiplayer Developer Defends Mode Called 'Cancerous' by the Game's Designer

The studio responsible for the multiplayer component of Spec Ops: The Line, whose lead designer called it a "cancerous growth" foisted upon the game by publisher 2K Games, defended its work in a statement today.


In a feature published earlier this week by Polygon, Cory Davis, formerly of Spec Ops developer Yager, ripped the multiplayer as inessential to the story the studio was trying to tell. "2K was relentless in making sure that it happened—even at the detriment of the overall project and the perception of the game," he said.

Darkside Game Studios, the developer responsible for Spec Ops' multiplayer, said this today:

Davis in earlier tweets said his statement about Spec Ops' multiplayer "is not directed at Darkside Game Studios. MP passed to multiple studios, was troubled throughout," and that his comments "are in no way representative of my overall feelings for 2K as a publisher." Davis also noted that he no longer works at Yager.

Davis, to Polygon had said, "The multiplayer game's tone is entirely different, the game mechanics were raped to make it happen, and it was a waste of money. No one is playing it, and I don't even feel like it's part of the overall package - it's another game rammed onto the disk like a cancerous growth."


2K Games, the publisher, has had no comment on Davis' remarks.


Honestly, I'm getting tired of companies jamming multiplayer modes into games for no reason other then because they think it's somehow necessary (especially since those funds and resources could have been used to better the single player or other aspects).

Of course, I've getting even more tired of the inevitable "Y NO MULTIPLAYA" that floods comments every time a game is previewed, regardless if multiplayer is appropriate or not.