Speak Up on Snacktaku: What's Your Favorite American Snack?

What, no Snacktaku review in this week's Kotaku Off-Kilter? Let's make it up with a Speak Up from commenter Cheese Addict, who is compiling a list of American snacks to have sent in a care package oveseas. What U.S. snacks could you not live without?

My friend's mom asked me to buy her something she could only find on an American website. So she paid me to set up a mail forwarding service and have it shipped to her. The mail forwarding account is still mine, so you know what this means? Care package time! Help me make a list of packaged foods you can only get in America that I miss so dearly living abroad. I mean we get the big name stuff like Oreos, Doritos, and Twix bars, but there's just so much stuff my American friends and I here in Hong Kong miss like hell. Here's a few things I can think of:

- Nerds candy
- White cheddar Cheezits
- Flipz chocolate covered pretzels
- Chex Mix
- Combos stuffed pretzel things
- Velveeta mac and cheese
- Still debating whether or not I want a Twinkie for old time's sake


What's your favorite packaged snack?

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