After skipping the week of GDC, Speak-Up on Kotaku returns at full force, with contributions by Kotakuites The Drunken Moogle, Rear Admiral Meatwad, Raffleking, and Kyosen!

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Be A Good Gaming Commuter

Raffleking warns of the dangers of becoming a public gaming asshole. This could happen to you!

Another time, the bus was packed. Standing room only packed. A guy was sitting in the handicapped/pregnant chick seats up front playing Starcraft I on his laptop (side note: yes, Starcraft I. And there's no WiFi on the bus, so he must have been doing a comp stop. Jesus Christ, I should just stop writing now and kill myself). I assume the guy's backpack must have been pregnant, because it was occupying the seat next to him. A pregnant woman gets on the bus, and asks if she can sit down. The guy ignores her. Another gentleman asks if the guy can move his backpack so the woman can sit, and this request is also met with silence. Finally, a large intimidating dude sternly "suggests" that the guy let the pregnant woman sit, at which point the Gamer Guy lets out a groan of frustration and slams his backpack onto the ground. Lovely. Take that, chivalry!


Not To Be Confused With Spatula City

Kyosen suggests we all check out the Korean film Natural City. Having watched some damn fine Korean science fiction in the past, I'm sorely tempted.

The cyborgs created to serve mankind have revolted, and now the military man sent on a mission to save mankind find himself torn between his duty and his love for the cyborg that serves him in the sophomore feature from Korean filmmaker Byung-chun Min. The year is 2080, and after a devastating war nearly wipes out the human race, artificial intelligence is used to create a race of powerful cyborgs. Designed to experience human emotions and created to serve only one master from the day they are born to the day their die, the cyborgs faithfully carry out their duties until a rising rebellion finds humanity's children taking their fate into their own hands. When military squad leaders R (Yoo Ji-tae) and Noma (Yoon Chan) are assigned the task of quelling the rebellion before the violence spirals out of control, R has trouble carrying out his duties as a result of his deep-rooted feelings for his own cyborg Ria (Seo Rin).


That's One Tough Baby

Rear Admiral Meatwad returns to Speak-Up, bringing along this sweet little baby right here.

You guys are gunna hate me for this but I was laughing for a good hour and a half after seeing this image.


Mmm, This Metroid Is Delicious

The Drunken Moogle shows us how to drink a Metroid out of a cocktail glass.