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Spain's Taxi Drivers Want Grand Theft Auto Pulled

Illustration for article titled Spains Taxi Drivers Want Grand Theft Auto Pulled

According to a report from newspaper La Vanguardia, by way of GamePolitics and Google's Spanish to English translator, Spain's cabbies are calling for a ban on Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto IV, we presume. After a Thai teenager was arrested on suspicion of murdering a taxi driver, claiming to have been inspired by GTA, the game was pulled from shelves in Thailand. Now, Josep Maria Goñi, secretary general of the Catalan Taxi Federation, is asking the Spanish government to do the same, citing the Thai murder case. We're going to make an ass out of ourselves and assume that Mr. Goñi knows as much as the Grand Theft Auto series as just about everyone else in his position and hope that cabbie murder hysteria blows over before it gives the series a bad rap. We can't have our games being scapegoated for society's ills, now. What a horrible precedent that would set. Spanish Cabbies Want GTA Banned in Wake of Thai Taxi Murder [Game Politics]


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Can we have these nuts culled from humanity instead of releasing them after a short stay in prison. Either their truly insane and cant tell reality from fantasy or they're blaming games for the fun of it both valid reasons they should cease to be.

off topic, is anyone able to get into the inFamous Lights Things Up article?