Space Siege Demo Released

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Gas Powered Games' space themed follow up to Dungeon Siege is due out in less than a month, but gamers willing to sacrifice 935 megs of hard disk space can get their hands on it right now. A demo for Chris Taylor's Space Siege is up on your favorite demo hosting site as we speak. I spent a rather sizable chunk of the morning downloading the demo, installing it, and then staring at the "Frequency Out Of Range" error on my monitor between bouts of pouring through files, searching for a way to tweak the resolution from outside of the program. No dice so far, but I have hope for the future. It does sound rather nice. I'll let you all know if I get past the listening stage.


UPDATE: James from GPG got in touch, and his helpful "fullscreen=false" command line addition got me in, after which I set my resolution and was good to go. Would have added this bit sooner, but I got a little caught up playing. Definitely worth a download.

Space Siege Demo [Strategy Informer]



Ill be sure to try it when I get the time. Somehow, the notion of "Diablo in space" sounds ok to me. I laso enjoyed the previous Dungeon Sieges, so this should be all good.