You know those Photoshops of cats and space backgrounds? They're neat and all, but the sumo ones are pretty neat as well.

This is former sumo wrestler Takamisakari, one of Japan's most popular sumo wrestlers in recent memory. He was one of sumo's more expressive wrestlers and was famous for his cute, almost anime character-like smile. He was also incredibly animated while wrestling, too, being called the "clown prince of sumo."

[Photo: knk126]


[Photo: nezumi32]

[Photo: azechiazechi]

Among Japanese geek subculture, Takamisakari had a following, because he was into idol music, Gundam, and wears glasses.


Recently, a Twitter user named space_takami has done a series of Photoshops of Takamisakari in space. They are magnificent.



space_takami [Twitter via dex digital]

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