South Park XBLA Game Revealed - It's Tower Defense!

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Microsoft announced at E3 that a new South Park game would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade this year, but waited until today to offer actual details on South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!. Yep, it's tower defense.


Microsoft's Comic-Con presence will feature a playable South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, described as a "fast-paced action/strategy game that combines these lovable characters with snowball battles and tower defense tactics." The company also dated the game for October 7th, just in time for new episodes of the Comedy Central show.

The game will likely also get some serious panel time at the "Save South Park One Snowball at a Time" session, happening at the San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday at 3:30 PM. Dudes from Microsoft Game Studios and South Park Digital Studios will be on hand to tell us more about the game. Oh, we'll definitely be there, covering all that nonsense. Watch for it!

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James Whitbrook

Is this the very same South Park game that Microsoft teased the E3 before last?

Wow, that's quite bad if it is. I was expecting something in vein to the previous south park games, like the kart racer or the FPS they did.