South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Review: Throwing Snowballs

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It's up to the South Park kids to stop a steady stream of enemies from terrorizing their town in tower defense game South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!


The game has players use coins to build a variety of towers that do things like shoot snowballs, cherry balls, ice and pee-snowballs at incoming enemies like old people, Mongolians and terrorists. Killing baddies causes them to exploded into bits and sometimes shoot out coins which can then be used to buy more towers, build walls or upgrade.

So let's go tower defense play or let's not?

Dude, It's South Park: Before playing Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, I thought this game had two things it needed to do: One is recapture the show. And it does. Let's Go Tower Defense Play! does a solid job of creating the South Park world, characters and art style. There are unlockable clips, which for most players will be stuff they've seen before. Still, it's a nice addition for an XBLA title. What about the second part, you ask? Well, read on below...

Let's Go Tower Defense Play: Sure, it doesn't reinvent the tower defense game, it doesn't have to. Rather the second thing this title needed to do, I thought, was deliver a solid tower defense game experience. It does.

Shut Up Fat Boy: South Park is a funny show, it makes me laugh. Though, when you're playing through a stage for the umpteenth time and you're hearing the same sound clip for the umpteenth time, the humor, sadly, wears thin.

Save Points: One of the strong points for XBLA games is that they're shorter than package titles. They are pick up and play games — better yet, play and put down games. Let's Go Tower Defense Play! has some challenging stages that gobbled up a fair bit of this reviewer's time. That's fine, it's value for money. However, it would be nice if players could save their gave between areas in the same level, instead of completing one part of the level and having to play through the entire level to get the stage point. It ends up being a time sink. In the game's defense, the developers have made it possible to skip harder challenges.

After seeing what has been done with previous South Park games, my expectations for South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play were low, exceedingly so. The title was a pleasant surprise with a fair amount of unlockable items and characters and just enough replay grist. Developer Doublesix, who recently released zombie shooter Burn Zombie Burn! bring a workman quality to the game, which never ends up feeling like South Park characters have simply been slapped on a tower defense game.


South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play was developed by Doublesix and published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Released on October 7, the game is priced at 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox LIVE in North America. Played through all levels, tested online and challenge mode.

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