South Korean President Scores Surprisingly Tasteful Custom 360

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Bill Gates visited South Korea earlier this month, and as is the custom when rich people visit powerful people, he had some gifts made up for everyone he stopped in to say hi to. No lapel pins or expensive wine here, though. No, when Bill went around for tea and buscuits with the President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, he gave the man an Xbox 360. And a very nice one at that! Designed by Korean company Gookbo, the custom 360 is decorated with "mother-of-pearl ume flowers and butterflies", and is called "Peace". Oh, and it's meant to symbolise, of all things, "patience and perseverance".


Bill Gates gifts Xbox inlaid with traditional Korean mother-of-pearl to Korean President [Fareastgizmos, via Gizmodo]

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Woah! I sooooo need to start my own Kingdom/Nation/Republic and get Bill to give me free and totally SUE-WHEEEAAT! 360s.

Seriously' Bill, the Borderland of Mustelia's traditional element is Gold and Silver. And not the cheap stuff. We're talking the good stuff. And it needs to be shiny. VERY shiny.