It appears the greatest rest stop bathrooms in the world are located in South Korea.

Besides chic places to pooh and tinkle, there are restrooms inspired by the Hollywood movie Roman Holiday, the book The Little Prince, and even the Apollo missions.

Rest stop toilets are typically not so great. When they’re good, they’re clean, but most are hardly memorable. South Korea, however, has a handful of truly interesting ones. As GNNews reports (via tipster Sang), the reason is that the Korea Expressway Corporation, which operates all rest stops in the country, has dubbed 2016 The “Year of Freeway Rest Stop Bathroom Culture Innovation.”


A task force was formed last year to renovate Korean rest stop restrooms, and as tipster Sang points out, this why many of these bathrooms have cultural angles to them.


Here are the most memorable ones so far. Some are for kids, some are also for adults, and all of them are cool. The images below are from blogs such as Angma’s Story, You Are Always Going To Be My Love, and SSirimom. Many of them have been circulating on Korean web forums and news sites such as Joins, Pann News, and Segye.

The NASA rest stop restroom:

[Image: Naver]

The Roman Holiday rest stop restroom:

[Image: Pann News]
[Image: The Qoo]
[Image: Joins]

The Little Prince rest stop restroom:

[Image: SSirimom]
[Image: SSirimom]
[Image: sky3545]
[Image: sky3545]
[Image: akdk]

Wonderful. But for a country with a “toilet theme park” would you expect anything less?


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