Last month, a young woman showed "the importance of angles" in a YouTube video that racked up a couple million views. It's also inspiring others, too, whether they're dudes, dogs, or plush toys.

The clips highlight, as tipster Sang points out, 'gaak doh eui joong yo sung' (각도의 중요성) or "the importance of an angle."

The trend started in early August, but even now, these angle videos are still being uploaded to YouTube. It's also spread to other countries in Asia—and beyond.


There aren't just vids of attractive women showing how a 45 degree angle can change your appearance, there are videos of attractive men, attractive men's stomachs, famous celebs, cute kids, adorable cats, pretty dogs, and stuffed toys showing how you gotta play the angles when taking a selfie.

If you are wondering how to selfie properly: don't stick your phone under your face and don't act like a doofus.

"같은 사람 맞나?"…'각도의 중요성' 영상 화제 [아시아경제 Thanks, Sang!]

Videos: 대현 권, moonshout87, kjjkjo123, Sim Tong, 솔잎 손, Arthur Toderenchuk, mjsj303334, 혜원 신, 정범 이, Jaekyoung Lee, Kwanghyun Shin, yilyeopsong, 혜진 이, 보 드, 일청 김, Namsik Story


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