South African Cops Make First-Ever Raid of PS3 Jailbreak Operation

In what is believed to be the world's first-ever arrest in connection with circumventing a video game console's security, South African authorities raided a jailbreaking operation in Johannesburg, sending one man to jail and confiscating all kinds of hardware and software the outfit used.

The Commercial Crime Unit of the South African Police Service carried out the raid on Tuesday, according to a police news release, which noted that " jailbreak devices are used to circumvent the security features on PS3 consoles to facilitate the playing of pirated PS3 games.


"Various state of the art computers, circumvention software packages, jailbreak USB devices, PS3 consoles and hard drives were seized," the release said. "In addition, fake PS2 games, original PS3 games, believed to be used as masters and documentation were seized."

World's First PlayStation 3 Raid Takes Place In Johannesburg, South Africa [eGamer via Game Politics and via Joystiq.]

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