Sounds Like Those Vita-Only Street Fighter X Tekken Characters are On-Disc DLC for the Console Versions

YouTube user SoulReaperTTG has managed to get a hold of all the introductions for the 12 PS Vita-only characters in Street Fighter X Tekken which releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 on Tuesday. That above is Blanka and Sakura's. The rest are available through the link below.


The prologues have no narration, just moving art. In addition to Blanka and Sakura, they cover Guy, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Alisa, Lars, Jack, Bryan, Lei and Christie.

These characters are, so far, announced only for the Vita version. The Vita version is due for release later this year. Yet if someone has their hands on the videos now, three days before the console game's release, what the hell does that mean?

They're probably console DLC, is what, and the big stink will be if this stuff is actually already on the disc. A commenter at EventHubs, which aggregated these videos, says it is (how else would we be seeing this video?) along with the Pac-Man and Mega Man characters releasing a week after launch.

Technically, it's console DLC because the PS Vita's characters will be sharable with the PS3 version. So if this came from a PS3 disc, it could be that it's on there simply for that contingency when the Vita game comes out in the fall. Yet as the Pac-Man prologue and the Mega Man intro has already been ripped by the same user, my hunch is this is all on the disc, waiting to be unlocked once Capcom throws the switch.

Prologues for the 12 Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita characters [EventHubs]


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