Sounds Like The Amalur Studio is Having Money Troubles

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NBC News in Rhode Island is reporting that Curt Schilling's Rhode Island-based game development house 38 Studios is meeting with Governor Lincoln Chafee to resolve "issues" with the state.


This comes after the state of Rhode Island loaned 38 Studios $75 Million to relocate from Massachusetts. According to the NBC report, if 38 defaults on the loan, it will leave Rhode Island taxpayers on the hook for the money.

38 Studios has only released one game, the fantasy RPG Kingdoms of Amalur earlier this year. It seems likely that Amalur's lackluster sales are responsible for any financial woes the studio may be facing.

Kotaku has contacted 38 Studios and will update if and when we hear back.

Chafee: State, 38 Studios in discussions [NBC News]

(Hat-tip to John for the heads-up.)


It took $75 million to make amalur??? I know it was a pretty ambitious game, but that seems like an awful lot of money.