Soulja Boy Provides His Thoughts On Braid

One of our nation's finest artists, Soulja Boy, has discovered Braid on Xbox Live Arcade. Since Mr. Boy is no stranger to video games, we were curious to hear his "thoughts" on Jonathan Blow's time-shifting platformer. Braid, according to the rapper is "for people who smoke or people drink like if you drink beer and you get drunk or you smoke weed and you get high and you just... anything, like you just get be gettin' fucked up." We pretty much said the same thing in our review. The clip contains some not suitable for the kids language and may result in brief IQ drop. Watch at your own risk. Thanks to Nick for the timely tip.


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DAMN IT!! No more Soulja Boy clips!! seriously, he is the WHACKEST

rapper in the game right now, He's dumb,his lyrics are even dumb'er and

he talks like he dropped out of 3rd grade or something.