Sorry, TV Host, That Is Not "Zelda"

Look, I hate to break it to you Arizona news anchor, but that's not Zelda you're talking about. That's Link, and I'm pretty sure he's a guy.

In the clip above, a local news anchor and self-proclaimed Zelda fan mistakes Link's name and gender in the trailer for Hyrule Warriors.


"She's just fierce! Look at that! Go girl!"

And while it's funny, it's not because she was wrong, but because it's a really easy mistake for people who aren't familiar with the series to make. Link is androgynous! And if you had a nickel for every time somebody mistakenly called him "Zelda" you'd probably be able to retire in Malibu.

Also, real talk: I would totally root for Link on Ru Paul's Drag Race.


Clip via Arizona Midday, KPNX-PHX

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