Sorry, The PS5 Won't Be Backward Compatible With PS3, PS2 Or PS1 Games

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As Kotaku previously reported, the PlayStation 5 will be able to play “99 percent” of the PlayStation 4's library. But what about PS3 games? Or PS2 and PS1 ones?


In an interview with Famitsu, PlayStation exec Jim Ryan was asked about PS4 compatibility, as well as that for the previous PlayStation consoles, going back to the PS1.

Ryan explained that backward compatibility for the PS4 was something Sony had in mind while creating the new consoles, adding that among the 100 million PS4 players there are people who will want to play PS4 games on their PS5s, and therefore they included PS4 backward compatibility.

“When implementing this,” Ryan continued, “we also poured all our energy into introducing the high-speed SSD as well as the new Dual Sense controller. Because of this, unfortunately, we were unable to include further backward compatibility.”

In August, a Ubisoft website appeared to indicate that the PlayStation 5 would only be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games.

As for the 1 percent of PS4's 4,000-game catalogue that cannot be played on the PS5, Kotaku reported earlier that Mark Cerny, the new console’s lead architect, pointed out that each game had to be hand-tested for next-gen functionality.

While the PS5 is Sony’s returned to backward compatibility (the PS4 did not have the feature while the PS3 did), rival Microsoft has confirmed that “thousands of games” from the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One libraries will work on Series X at launch.

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I guess I’m gonna have to leave my PS2, PS3, and PS4 hooked up if I ever get the PS5. it would be nice if I could just pack them back up in their boxes and put them in my closet when I get a new console.

my original Xbox died earlier this year and there are still lots of original Xbox games that I can’t play on the 360. it’s unfortunate that I have to keep all these old consoles around just to play certain games.

in case anybody is curious about my original Xbox I got copies of Silent Hill 2 and 4(both are backwards compatible) along with a copy of Timesplitters 2(is not backwards compatible) for the Xbox and went to test them out to make sure the discs worked and my Xbox just has a blinking red light and no video signal is displayed. I did alot of investigating online and alot of people say that the blinking red light indicates a hardware failure.

I was planning on buying an Xbox copy of Matrix Path of Neo for Xbox(which isn’t backwards compatible) after watching Purposeless Rabbithole’s review. but now I don’t have an Xbox to play it on.