Sora and Riku Co-Star In the E3 Trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance will be out in North America on July 31, but the new trailer for the Nintendo 3DS game is out today. This one starts Sora and Riku.


Like what you see?

And if you're confused about Kingdom Hearts lore at all, consider studying up on it.


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Paradox me

Kingdom Hearts article, let's run down the list:

-Comments about spin-offs that aren't actually spin-offs ✔

-Complaints about handhelds ✔

-Odd fixation on the number 3 ✔

-Belts, buckles and zippers

-Final Fantasy VII remake?

But yes, I do like what I see. Have my copy pre-ordered and the only thing that could make this sweeter is if Amazon threw in some promotional credit. I'm already using $20 credit to get the game half off, but Sleeping Dogs and Dark Souls PC come out right after KH3D!

Take note game industry, money is the best pre-order bonus, not in-game content.