Soon Your Kinect Space Requirement Woes Will Be a Thing of the Past

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Come August 23 I will no longer need to move my couch in order to get my Just Dance on, thanks to Nyko's Kinect clip-on Zoom device. How much would you pay to cut your Kinect's space requirements by 40 percent?


I'll tell you how much you'll pay. You'll pay $29.99 and you'll love it. I know I will. In my current living room configuration Just Dance is only playable if I stand with my calves pressed hard against my ugly sofa, and Your Shape Fitness is pretty much unplayable. The Zoom, which debuted to rave reviews at E3 earlier this year, sounds like the answer to all of my problems. I mean it. My hair will grow back, I'll lose weight, and the babies will start sleeping through the night.

"The success of the Zoom at E3 was outstanding and we are incredibly excited to help expand the already thriving fanbase of Kinect gamers, allowing even more people to enjoy the thrills of being the controller," said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies. "We are also proud to be working with all of our retail partners on our first ever simultaneous national launch for an accessory. Come August 23rd you will be able to find the Zoom on store shelves everywhere."

And in my living room as well, if I have anything to say about it.


Shauna Maggs

How much would I pay,to be able to jump around and look like a mental patient in a smaller space??

NOTHING KINECT IS STUPID unless your a 9 year old girl.