Soon You'll Hear Muse's Tracks In Anime, Too

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British rock band Muse is lending one of its tunes, "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)", to the short anime created by Japanese comedian Tekken (yes, he's named after the game).


The flipbook anime, which is titled "Pendulum" ("Furiko" or 振り子 in Japanese), debuted on Japanese television earlier this year, and soon went viral online in Japan and around the world.

Tekken, the comedian who created it, isn't exactly hugely popular in his homeland, nor is he seen as a very serious figure-both perceptions, however, are underestimations of what he can offer.


"Pendulum" is Tekken's masterpiece. It's deeply moving, and it's worthy of Muse's high praise and music.

"泣ける"鉄拳のパラパラ漫画「振り子」が英ロックバンド・MUSEの正式PVに [Yahoo! Japan]

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