Yep. Japan is getting official Gundam burgers with Gundam-themed buns.

AnimeAnime reports that the Tokyo Station Gundam Cafe is being turned into McDaniel Hamburgers Gundam Cafe. The restaurant appeared in the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam anime as a secret meeting place for the Anti-Earth Union Group, and now it will appear in Tokyo starting November 19.

McDaniel Hamburgers will serve up Sleggar Burgers, Gundam Burgers with cheese, Char's Zaku Burgers with tomatoes (top pic), Zaku II Burgers with avocado slices to eat in the cafe or for take out.


The Sleggar Burger is 700 yen (US$6), while the Gundam Burger is 780 yen (US$6.70). Both the Char's Zaku Burger and the Zaku II Burger are 800 yen ($6.88). Check out the cafe menu in the link below.

Gundam Cafe [Official Site]

ガンダムカフェ東京駅店が「McDaniel HAMBURGERS」に、アニメ登場の店をリアルに再現 [AnimeAnime]

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