Sony Pictures' controversial comedy The Interview, pulled from theatrical release last week in the fallout of a massive hack of the studio, is now officially viewable in a variety of places, among them, on Microsoft's Xbox consoles.

Above is a screencap of Microsoft's Xbox Video service on the Xbox One, where you can watch the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy for $14.99 (to purchase) or $5.99 (to rent).

Our friends at Gizmodo have a breakdown of the various ways you can access the movie online.

One place you can't find The Interview? On Sony's PlayStation platforms store, at least not yet. Here's a screencap of the PS4's online movie storefront today:


Neither Sony Pictures nor the folks at Sony PlayStation have announced plans for distribution on PlayStation. Sony Pictures and Sony Computer Entertainment (the group behind PlayStation) are different parts of Sony and they certainly wouldn't do everything in lock-step. Still, The Interview's absence from the PlayStation store is strange.

Sony usually updates its online PlayStation store on Tuesday nights. Maybe that's the issue here?

We've reached out to the PlayStation folks to find out if they have plans to add the movie to the system's online store and will update this story if they reply.


UPDATE - 3:20pm: A PlayStation rep tells Kotaku: "The Interview will be available on PSN for customers in the U.S. at a date to be determined shortly." PSN is Sony's shorthand for their online network. Presumably this means it'll show up on Sony's online video store eventually.

UPDATE - 3:00 pm: Some have pointed out that, because The Interview is viewable, for a fee, through YouTube, that it in fact can be seen on PlayStation platforms. But when I tried to access the clip through the YouTube app on my PS4, clicking on this listing...


...brought me to this message..

What you can do, however, is buy the movie through YouTube on another device (I just bought it on my computer), start watching on that device and then load up the PlayStation YouTube app and find the movie in your "history" of recently-watched movies—or find it in the the purchases section, as explained here. Thus, I finally was able to watch it on my PS4:


Note: The original headline of this story, was "Sony's The Interview Can Now Be Seen On Xbox, But Not On PlayStation." but has been updated twice since publication to clarify the issue of online stores and now to highlight Sony's plans to bring the movie to the PlayStation Network.

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