Sony's Smash Bros. Rip-Off is Looking for a Name

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The first-party fighting game it seems Sony is almost certainly working on doesn't have a proper name beyond a working title of "Title Fight". Most people just call it "that Sony Smash Bros. game", since in concept it sounds almost identical to Nintendo's famous brawling franchise.

Going by these images though, it looks like Sony might finally be fishing for a title. They're asking via survey what the consumer thinks about the name "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale". There's a scale of 1-10, 1 being "does not fit at all" and ten being what looks like "fits very well".


There doesn't seem to be a 0, representing "nothankyou.jpg".

First revealed last year, the title - in development at SuperBot Entertainment - is supposedly a fighting game which features, among others, Nathan Drake, Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth, Killzone's Colonel Radec, Fat Princess, Kratos, Sly Cooper and even Parappa the Rappa.

Rumor: Sony Super Smash Bros Game to be Titled "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale" [PSLS]

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Is that image a fake? I ask cause what's the deal with the 360 controller in the upper left corner of the pic?