Is Sony Working On its Own Smash Bros. Game?

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It seems Sony could well be working on its own take on Smash Bros., Nintendo's beloved first-party fighting game series.


Called (or at least code-named) Title Fight, the project, supposedly in development at SuperBot Entertainment, features a range of Sony's first-party mascosts squaring off against each other in a fighting game.

Some of the characters to star in the game which were mentioned in the original report, on Paul Gale Network, include Nathan Drake, Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth, Killzone's Colonel Radec, Fat Princess, Kratos, Sly Cooper and even Parappa the Rappa.

Some further digging by NeoGAF members then turned up Twitter images from SuperBot employees, showing arcade sticks (which the company's home page also features) and even what looks like an image of Sweet Tooth's character model from the game.

Another tweet, from SuperBot's level designer Chris Molina, also mentions that the recently-released Sony commercial "Michael", featuring a range of PlayStation characters, was "vaguely foreshadowing" his studio's "soon to be announced title".

We're contacting Sony for further information, and will update if we hear back.

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Title Fight developer name might be revealed soon, but for now, a few more answers. [Paul Gale Network, via Eurogamer]

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God, I hope not. It wouldn't work unless Sony pulled in characters from a bunch of their third party partners like Square Enix or Kojima Productions. Sony's first party character suite just isn't quite developed enough yet for a mascot crossover game. It'd be Drake, Kratos, Cole, Sweet Tooth and Ratchet. Past that, what? All their interchangeable FPS protagonists?