Sony's PlayStation Business Is Doing Quite Well

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Today, Sony announced the financials for all its business. Gaming, in particular, was a bright spot.

Even with the sun setting on the PlayStation 4, year on year sales hit 52.2 billion yen and were up 11 percent for the company’s game business—something Sony called “a significant increase.” That breaks down to an increase in game software and PlayStation Plus sales. PlayStation 4 hardware sales, however, declined.

Sony’s game and network services segment saw a 1.3 billion yen increase in operating income, thanks to more first-party and PS Plus sales. There was an increase in costs, which is not unexpected when launching new hardware.


These numbers are for the financial period ending September 30.

Looking ahead, Sony expects sales to be higher this month due to higher than expected sales during the past few months. What else can we expect during this fall?

“Regarding the impact from the spread of Covid-19, Sony is aware that there have been delays in the development of some third-party software titles due to constraints such as working from home,” the financial statement reads.

“However, necessary measures are being taken and preparations are underway with the aim of ensuring that many strong titles can be released from Sony’s first-party studios and its partners’ studios in connection with the launch of PlayStation 5.”

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It’s a good thing Sony’s game division is going well, because the rest of their corp is largely in the shitter.

It’s actually kinda funny; how the narrative is “Nintendo is doomed” or “XBox is doomed,” but I’d argue Sony and the Playstation brand is on the shakiest ground. If a PS generation ever had a Wii U like flop... that would probably be it for Playstation, if not Sony as a whole.