Sony's Plan Is Not To Reduce The PS3's Price

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The 360's all but assured of being a cheaper console come Monday. And when Monday comes - with the Pro model tipped to drop to $299 - it'll be a full $100 cheaper than the PS3. So, will Sony get with the program, and cut their prices too? Nope! Sony's Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda (pictured, glimpsing the future) has said that "Our strategy is not to sell more quantity for PS3 but to concentrate on profitability...Our plan is not to reduce the price". Note he's not saying they don't want to sell more PS3s; he's just saying they're happy with the rate they're already selling at, and are more concerned with making the PS3 cheaper to manufacture. Just so, you know. You know.

Sony CFO: No Plan To Cut Price Of Playstation 3 Game Console [Beurs] [Pic]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@LittleBigPlaneteer:Some people are smart enough to not have credit cards. Some folks are even smarter to not get a credit card just to get a gaming system.

@Replica23:100 dollars is still a lot of money and for some people it's the make it or break it factor.

@wild homes is being recast!:The biggest factor in no price drop is the system is moving well enough without it. If they were still getting their ass kicked in every week in sales by Microsoft (We'll leave Nintendo out as they are dancing on both of them), you can bet your bottom dollar they would have dropped the price.

It's like Sony honestly believes in this 'ten year plan' shit they are touting when they not only forgot why the PSone and PS2 got such marketshare but who they were facing both times. It's not the same beast and for a system that needs more and more games that help it stand out from it's counterpart, not dropping the price will only lead to slower sales.

@exkon:Microsoft has lost something along the lines of 6-7 billion on the Xbox from the time it first went into production back in 2001. I don't believe Sony's taking things all that seriously these days or something, otherwise we would have never had a 599 system, the 20 and 60 gigs removed, lolrumblelast gen, etc.

@Xtreme_Hindu_Cow:I can get Xbox Live one year kits at some places with the camera and headset for $30 dollars.

@Xtreme_Hindu_Cow:Because there's more at stake then pleasing fanboys. Ever heard of the term "Set top Media Box?" What's at stake is control of your Living room. If Microsoft..or Sony gains -that- then it's worth billions of dollars a year. 7 billion over 7 years is a drop in the bucket to them.