Sony's Got a New Multiplayer Shooter in Development

Sony has tasked German studio ACONY Games with the development of Bullet Run, an upcoming multiplayer shooter that's based on the premise of a reality TV series gone bad.

Taking a page out of properties like Running Man and Battle Royale, Bullet Run has players take control of contestants "in a fight to the death for fame and fortune".


While no specific mention is made of the platform it's intended for in the three-page report on Forbes, the fact it's revealed as being free-to-play suggests this is a PC title, though I guess a PS3 version wouldn't be out of the question either. It'll use Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

Publisher Sony Online Entertainment will make a proper reveal, with more concrete information (and screenshots bigger than postage stamps), during E3 next month.

UPDATE - Now with trailer. Enjoy? Or at least, try and make it look like you're enjoying it?

Sony Online Entertainment Goes For The Kill With Free-To-Play Shooter Bullet Run [Forbes]

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