Bloggers are angry! Feminist bloggers! They're not up in arms about the unrealistic physical proportions of digital women or on-the-go near pedophilia this time, they're upset about the concept of Sony's PlayStation Network release Fat Princess. The cutesy 32-player hack and slash sees a rotund royal being overfed by the enemy, making her rescue and transport across the battlefield difficult.

Site Feminist Gamer writes that the Darkstar Industries developed title may "reinforce nasty stereotypes about women and the obese," calling the mechanic of excessively feeding the portly, titular princess "fat-bashing."

Friend of the site, Melissa "Shakes" McEwan is also pissed, implying that the game will spawn a "new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes." Clearly, this is one powerful game!


As we tend not to be pre-offended by these types of things — probably due to caveman like ignorance — we were a bit surprised to see such a loud reaction. Just kidding, it's the internet. We were, however, genuinely surprised to be so disappointed by the results of a Google Image Search for "fat princess."

We won't make that mistake again.

As for the Fat Princess "controversy," we have little faith that the game will change its content in any way as to make it inoffensive for all interested parties.


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