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Sony's Cloud Gaming Could Bring New Life to Old Games

Illustration for article titled Sonys Cloud Gaming Could Bring New Life to Old Games

At today's PS4 event in New York, Gaikai explained how it's improved remote play for its upcoming home console. One way Sony was about to do this was integrating Sony's Gaikai cloud tech into the console, turning the machine into a server and making the PS Vita a client.


What's more, Gaikai boss David Perry said his company is exploring long term options to make PS3 games "ubiquitous on any device." The cloud tech is advanced enough that one day, Sony could put PS1, PS2, PS3, and PlayStation Mobile games on any device, including the PS4. According to Sony, it would change the idea of game longevity.

To do this, Sony needs to build the fastest mobile network ever made—something Gaikai has experience doing.


Until then, PS1, PS2 and PS3 games will be playable on the PlayStation's cloud service.

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Goddamn greedy Sony. Why not implement backwards compatibility on initial models to give the folks who just bought the new releases a chance to enjoy the new system rather than having to REBUY all the damn games? Seriously displeased at how the gaming industry charges 2-3 times the amount for a Blu-Ray movie, and then they take great strides to kill off the resale market by mandating this cloud BS. I guess gaming is a premium for only the very rich and dedicated now; thanks for telling the rest of us to bugger off...