Sony Will Keep Making Physical Vita Games For Japan

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Earlier this week, Kotaku broke the news that Sony will no longer make physical PS Vita game cards for its North American and European branches. Sony Japan, however, says it will keep making them for the domestic market.


Via Japanese site GameSpark, here is Q&A with Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding the PS Vita situation for Japan.

Q. What will happen with the [PS Vita] support within the country?

A. Manufacture of PS Vita [game] cards for within Japan will continue.

Q. Will manufacturing of the PS Vita hardware continue?

A. Since in Japan we want everyone who keeps playing to enjoy an extensive game line-up, at this present point we plan to continue our marketing activity.


That last answer isn’t exactly reassuring. The question was about manufacturing (生産 or seisan) and not marketing (マーケティング or maaketingu).

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I mean, the system had a pretty good run, yes? It was released in 2011; it’s 6 1/2 years old. That’s... not bad! Not many handhelds have had a run like that.

I love my Vita and no, the Switch doesn’t replace it. The thing is, there are tons of great Vita games out there - more than I really have time to play - so I’ll be collecting for it and playing on it for a long time. And nothing about the system feels outdated; it has a smaller screen than the Switch (which is too big for a handheld, not to mention its ridiculous battery life) so the Vita’s games look and feel about equivalent to me. But the Vita still has a much more varied library. Maybe that won’t be the case forever, but it still is today, so I’ll keep buying Vita games.

It’s a little sad because the implication is that Sony won’t replace the Vita with anything in the future, so we’re stuck with a one-man show in terms of handhelds, and if you aren’t into Nintendo’s whole shtick, tough. There should be room for people with different gaming preferences. It’s not “bias” - that’s a pre-formed opinion without basis or experience. But people are allowed to have preferences even after trying all the options, and my preference, even as the owner of a Switch and Vita, is the Vita. It’s a better handheld. It’s also a better handheld than the 3DS.

Well, there’s a lot to keep me satisfied for years to come, at least.