Sony Viral Teases Something Street Fighter For The PlayStation 4

Packed with references to Capcom's famous fighting game franchise and tagged with the #4ThePlayers hashtag, this viral video from Sony seems to indicate something Street Fighter is happening on the PlayStation 4, but what?

VG24/7 looks to have been the first to post the "Hadouken Cabs" viral this morning, sent to them in an email from Sony. It's got a Ryu cosplayer posing, a fake phone number that's actually the release date of the original Street Fighter game in Japanese arcades, and a flash of the PS4 controller for good measure.

Visitors to the website, registered to Sony marketing agency 180 Amsterdam, are treated to a delightfully old-school web surfing experience, complete with recorded audio referencing popular Street Fighter characters in the "Talk To An Operator" popup.


Obviously PlayStation 4, obviously Street Fighter, but what is it? A PlayStation 4 port of the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV? A downloadable compilation of previous games in the series? Crazy Taxi meets Street Fighter (I wish)?

I've reached out to Capcom and Sony, and have high hopes that the pair will toss their carefully orchestrated marketing plans out the window and just straight-up tell us, dammit.

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