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Sony Twitters MAG Beta Codes

Illustration for article titled Sony Twitters MAG Beta Codes

Zipper Interactive and Sony are so excited about tomorrow night's first 256-player battle at the MAG-themed PAX meet-up that they're tossing out beta codes to followers of the PlayStation Twitter.


Tomorrow night at the Penny Arcade Expo, Sony's MAG finally achieves its full potential, showing off the massive, 256-player action gameplay that gave the game its name. In honor of the event and for the sake of the MAG fans that couldn't make it to PAX, Sony and Zipper have come up with a little trivia contest that could score several lucky players a spot in the beta test for the game.

Sony will be posting four MAG-related questions today on the official PlayStation Twitter account. The first six people to respond with the correct answer to each question to @SonyPlayStation will score beta access. Note that this only applies to U.S. residents, and you'll be agreeing to an NDA in order to play.


I hope everything goes well. While I'll be at PAX, tomorrow night is NCsoft's Aion launch party at the Space Needle, so I will be otherwise occupied.

MAG Meet-up at PAX Tomorrow Night! [PlayStation Blog]

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Still not worth associating myself with twitter.